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ITALY (Trento): Annual Christmas Market

ITALY (Trento): Annual Christmas Market

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November 18, 2018 January 6, 2019

Trento......the city where the Council of Trent took place has a great Christmas market. Not as large as some of the more famous ones, but just as good in the ideal Italian town.

From 18th November to 6th January 2018 soak up the charming and warming festive atmosphere at Trento's Christmas Market. This event gathers yearly about 500 thousand visitors; join them in discovering Trentino's traditions, handmade products and local food&wine.

Stroll around in Trento's old streets and let yourself be guided by the shimmering lights, delicious scents and incredible flavours difficult to forget. They will lead you to the 93 wooden chalets of Piazza Fiera and Piazza Battisti squares.

Two more stalls are located in via ss. Trinità providing visitors with information about Latte Trento (a local dairy factory) and QC Terme (a wellness resort in Pozza di Fassa).

This 24th edition, lasting 49 days, is proudly organised by Trento Fiere Spa, Trento Municipality, APT Trento Monte Bondone Valle dei Laghi (tourist desk) and by the marketers that animate the wooden chalets with their goods.

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