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Trento, Italy: Cathedral of San Vigilio & site of the Council of Trent


About Trento:

One of Italy’s hidden gems, Trento offers a glimpse into real life in Italy without the huge crowds of tourists.  The city is notable as being the location where the Council of Trent was held in several session from 1545 to 1563 AD.  The council was in response to the protestant reformation and established sweeping decrees on self-reform and for its clarification of all the doctrines that were contested by the protestants, perhaps most significantly the decree on the Eucharist that defined the Real Presence of Christ in opposition to the interpretation the doctrine of transubstantiation as opposed to that of Luther’s consubstantiation.

The Cathedral of Trento

The  Duomo…..  the Cathedral of Saint Vigilio, is said to date from around 400 when Saint Vigilio was martyred on this spot.  Later remodeled in the 13th century and then going through several changes to what you see today.

It was here that the Council was held.


Nearby is the Church of Saint Mary Major..This beautiful church has many points of interest as well, especially the large circular rose window and the magnificent baroque altars.

If you visit from about mid-November through January 6, you will find a wonderful Christmas Market in town.  Not as large as one of the more famous ones, but equally enchanting (and perhaps more so).

Traveling to Trento:

There is train service from Verona that takes a little under an hour, with several trains per day.  You can also reach it from Venice by way of Verona, about two hours…but service is only about one train per day.  Get train & bus schedules, see fares & buy tickets here.

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