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Latest News on the Baths at Lourdes Sanctuary

One of the most desired activities when visiting Lourdes is, of course, the baths.  Being immersed in the baths is something most pilgrims look forward to.  Unfortunately, that is still not being done (as of March 29) but the Shrine has made some effort to give you something close to that experience.

Here is what they say on their official site:

Getting water from the spring at Lourdes, FranceFor health reasons and to respect physical and social distancing, bathing is not possible at the moment.  Accompanied by the Hospitallers of Our Lady of Lourdes, the spiritual approach of the gesture of water consists of drinking Lourdes water and washing your face, in this symbolic place of swimming pools, full of stories, prayers and of thanks.

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  1. Looking for advice on if we need to make some sort of reservation for the Grotto and/or the baths. My husband and I are visiting Lourdes on August 18. Would appreciate any help and tips.

    • Dear Beth,
      No reservations are required…but if you are only there for one day then try to get to the baths early, since wait times are shorter then. And…be prepared…the water is cold…but worth it.


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