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Garabandal promoter Joey Lomangino dies

The apparitions at Garabandal, Spain are a matter that is still undecided.  Neither approved nor disapproved by the Church, they remain a subject of controversy.  There are those who wholeheartedly believe then to have been real and those who believe just the opposite.

One of those who supported the apparitions was Joey Lomangino.  Blinded as a result of an accident, he was one of the main proponents of Garabandal.  There is no doubt that his death will cause some consternation among its supporters, since the prophecy was that Joey would have his sight restored before his death and this did not occur.

Still, there are many who believe and we do not mean to cast any doubt upon the authenticity of the alleged apparitions.

Certainly, as the saying goes, time will tell.  It is certainly interesting that he died on June 18th, the exact day of the first reported apparition in Garabandal in 1961.


3 thoughts on “Garabandal promoter Joey Lomangino dies”

  1. I think it is a true text to the faith of catholics. Perhaps Lomangino will receive his eyes in purgatory.
    Only if Conchita dies without anything have occurred, could we speculate nothing will happend in Garabandal. And even in that case we are not sure because of the possibility she send a message from above.

    • Speculation at this point about Joey would be pointless. Conchita has not made any public statement to my knowledge. Regardless of the eventual outcome she must be experiencing a very difficult time and I suggest you pray for her and Joey


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