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Los Teques, Venezuela: Eucharistic Miracle

Not far from Betania is an Augustinian monastery that contains one of the world’s most notable miraculous signs: a Eucharistic miracle. As mentioned elsewhere, it is the Eucharist that separates Catholics from most other Christian faiths. As Catholics we believe that once the priest says the act of Consecration during Mass, the bread and wine actually become the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

Such a miracle occurred in Betania, Venezuela on December 8, 1991 (the Feast of the Immaculate Conception). A priest was celebrating Mass at midnight in the grotto in Betania, when he noticed blood on the host that he had just consecrated.

He placed the host in a chalice overnight and on the following morning was amazed to see that it was still bleeding. He showed the bleeding host to those who came for Mass that morning.  He presented it to the Bishop and asked for his advice on what to do about it. the Bishop had it tested at a hospital in Caracas, and it was determined to be human blood.

Bishop Pio Bella Ricardo gave his approval of the miracle almost immediately.

Some pilgrims have had the opportunity to meet with the Bishop on occasion (he is shown here in 1993 ) and he stated that no further proof was needed as far as he was concerned.

The host is now kept reserved in the chapel of the Augustinian Recollects Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in nearby Los Teques where it is on display (shown here on the upper right) for groups or individuals.

Groups have been allowed to say Mass if they are traveling with their own priest.
As pointed out in our article on the apparitions in Betania, we are not sure of the political situation in Venezuela at this time and how easy it is to visit Los Teques or Betania, but we believe that there are still a few groups traveling there.

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  1. In the year 1990, while I was living in Venezuela, I visited the Shrine of Our Lady in Betania, with a group of people from Maracaibo. It was a beautiful experience. I had previously visited the shrine of Our Lady in Medugorie. While on that Pilgrimage, one morning, climbing up the mountain, I saw the sun dance. A beautiful experience. I had a few other beautiful experiences while in Medugorie.
    On the day that I visited Betania, while traveling back to Maracaibo, we stopped for a break at a roadside restaurant. The journey was a few hours long. When we were leaving the restaurant, all of our group witnessed the Sun Dance and we all thanked the Lord, feeling that it was an extra special Blessing.

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