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Downpatrick: Down Cathedral

About Down Cathedral:

Also known as the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, the Cathedral is not particularly large by some standards,Down Cathedral stands prominently on the Hill of Down, overlooking the ancient and historic town of Downpatrick.

It is a special place steeped in history and prayer. Tradition holds that Patrick was buried on the Hill of Down and for over 1600 years Christians have worshipped on this site.  Although the cemetery next to the cathedral bears the stone marking for St. Patrick, he is not actually buried beneath it but rather underneath the Cathedral itself.



About Saint Brigid of Ireland:

In addition, you will find the tomb of Saint Brigid of Kildare, an early follower of Saint Patrick.Saint Brigid was born Brigit, and shares a name with a Celtic goddess from whom many legends and folk customs are associated.

Fact become mixed with legend, so we do not have a lot of information about her. Brigid was born into slavery and yet often gave everything to the poor. One story says Brigid once gave her mother’s entire store of butter, that was later replenished after Brigid prayed.  Eventually, her father became tired of her charitable nature and took her to the king of Leinster, with the intention of selling her. As he spoke to the king, Brigid gave his jeweled sword to a beggar so he could barter it for food for his family. When the king, who was a Christian, saw this, he recognized her heart and convinced her father to grant her freedom by saying, “Her merit before God is greater than ours.
She established a monastery in Kildare

Brigid would go on to become a nun, and a disciple of St. Patrick. She founded several monasteries, including a vital center of religion and learning in Kildare, as well as a school of art that taught metalwork and illumination.


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