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Teutopolis, Illiniois: Saint Francis of Assisi Church

About Teutopolis & Saint Francis of Assisi Church:

The town of Teutopolis, ( city of the Teutons, or Germans) Illinois was founded by German Catholic immigrants for the express purpose of securing for the pioneers the precious gift of faith. Soon after the first settlers arrived, the first log church was constructed and named St. Peter’s.  In 1858, Franciscan priests from Germany arrived in Teutopolis to serve the German people.  In 1860, St. Peter’s Church was renamed St. Francis of Assisi Church.

These Franciscans built St. Joseph’s College nearby, which opened in 1862. Through the years it grew and later became St. Joseph’s Seminary.  The novitiate in the monastery/church building and the seminary were vacated when the Franciscans moved their facilities to the Chicago area in the mid 1960’s. The seminary was torn down and all that remains is the “memorial tower,” which was the main entrance to the seminary.

In 1901 to 1912, a major renovation was undertaken in the church. The high steeple and present high altar were erected along with architectural changes inside the church. Stained glass windows depicting the principal events in the life of St. Francis were installed in 1923.

In 1975, the Teutopolis Monastery Museum was founded in the 30 plus cells (bedrooms) of the novices. The museum is located in the south section of the monastery/church building and was founded as a memorial to the members of the Franciscan Order and to the early pioneers who settled the Teutopolis community.

In 2005, St. Francis Church underwent a major renovation. The 1,100 plus families and the Franciscan Friars are inspired and edified to worship in this beautiful house of God and are grateful to God for all His blessings through the years.

Traveling to Teutopolis:

Address:  Main Street,  Teutopolis, Illinois

Tel: (217) 857-6404

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