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San Antonio, Texas: San Fernando Cathedral

About San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio:

Named in honor of King Ferdinand III of Spain, the Cathedral has a unique position in the history of this city and for the many visitors who come by the thousands every year. From its founding on March 9, 1731, this church was planned to be at the center of the life of this city. In fact, the Cathedral is built on the exact center of the city and you will see a marker set in the stone floor near the altar stating that fact.  It is possibly the oldest continuously functioning Cathedral in the U.S. (Saint Augustine, Florida vies for the honor as well).

The interior has recently been renovated but still includes the magnificent altar, as well as a replica of the statue of “Our Lady of Candelaria” brought from the Canary Islands by the original founders of the city. She is the patron saint of the Canary Islands and devotion to her dates from an apparition by the Virgin Mary in Tenerife. The original statue brought from the Canary Islands to San Antonio was destroyed so what you see today is a replica.  The Feast of Our Lady of Candelaria is celebrated on February 2 and coincides with the Feast of the Presentation (also known as Candlemass).

It also contains a crypt near the front door containing what are reputed to be the remains of some of the defenders of the Alamo.

Over 5,000 people participate at weekend Masses each week of the year and over 100 weddings are performed here. Symphonies, concerts, and television specials are but a few of the events held here.

Hundreds of people enter the church daily to pray, visit, light a candle or follow various devotional traditions.


Traveling to the San Fernando Cathedral:

Address: 115 W. Main Plaza, San Antonio, TX, 78205, USA

GPS coordinates: 29° 25′ 27.2748” N, 98° 29′ 39.8904” W

Tel: +1 (210) 227-1297     Fax: +1 (210) 271-0149

e-mail: info@sfcathedral.org

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