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Saint Benedict, Oregon: Mount Angel Abbey


History of Mount Angel Abbey:

In 1882 a small group of Benedictine monks arrived in Oregon to found an abbey similar to the one they had left behind high in the Alpine village of Engelberg, Switzerland. German Catholics in the nearby town of Fillmore – soon to be renamed Mt. Angel – were so eager to have the monks as neighbors they pledged a cow and $1,200 toward a monastery within the space of two days. The monastery was completed and has survived two devastating fires, two world wars and much upheaval in the Church itself.

Today it thrives as both an Abbey and Seminary.


About Mount Angel Abbey:

The Abbey hosts conferences as well as day visitors. A guesthouse (Benet hall) is available for both individuals and organized groups who will be spending time here.. There is an adoration chapel. quiet spaces for reading and contemplation, and a reading room with fireplace.

Visitors can stop by Mount Angel Abbey and Seminary Bookstore and Coffeehouse, often referred to here on the Hill as “The Press.” In addition to great Catholic books and gifts, they serve espresso drinks and welcome you to take advantage of their wi-fi and warm ambiance. Enjoy a lovely spot to visit with a friend, catch up on your journal, read or study, or just gaze out the window!

The Brewery here makes “Black Habit Dark Ale” and you are certainly invited.


Traveling to Mount Angel Abbey:

Address: 1 Abbey Drive, Saint Benedict, Oregon 97373

Tel: +1 (503) 845-3025 (guest house)

email: retreat@mtangel.edu (retreats)

Click here for the official website of Mt. Angel Abbey in St. Benedict, Oregon (lots of great information)


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