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Indianapolis, Indiana

The Catholic history of Indianapolis, Indiana:

In the 1800’s, Indiana constructed the second-longest canal ever built in human history: The Wabash & Erie Canal. When completed in 1853, it covered 468 miles from Lake Erie at Toledo, Ohio all the way to the Ohio River at Evansville, Indiana. Many of the workers that helped build the canal were Catholics: primarily Irish and German immigrants, who naturally helped build Catholic churches as well….all part of the Diocese of Vincennes…the only Catholic diocese in the state of Indiana at the time.

Note: the old canal path (worn down by the mules that were used to pull the canal barges) is now a popular area called the Canal Walk where people enjoy strolling, paddle boating & kayaking.

And another interesting note:  Here, in the Holy Cross and Saint Joseph Cemetery, you will find the graves of some immigrants who left a lasting impression in the United States: Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant, who founded the Chevrolet Motor Car Company in Detroit in 1911.  They went on to design and produce some of the most popular American cars ever made.

Catholic Places of interest in Indianapolis, Indiana:

Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church

Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church  across from the Convention Center and close to Lucas Oil Stadium


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