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Hulbert, Oklahoma: Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey


History of Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey:

In the 1970’s, at the University of Kansas, three professors inaugurated a Great Books program (Pearson Integrated Humanities Program, or PHIP) with a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Through their study of Western Civilization, a number of these students became interested in monastic life and traveled to Notre-Dame de Fontgombault Abbey in France. Some entered the novitiate, hoping to be part of a new monastic foundation in America some day.

In France they found that there were so many vocations that Fontgombault had to found new monasteries.  Returning to the U.S., the students located a property here in 1998. The idea was approved by the Chapter of the French abbey and on the feast of the Assumption of that same year 1998, a charter was signed between the abbot of Fontgombault and the bishop of Tulsa formally recognizing the existence of the new foundation.  The monks here live according to the rule of Saint Benedict.

The first monastery was established in 1999, in a large log cabin and, partially, in a barn and stable, where the previous owners had kept their saddle horses.  The horse stalls became monastic cells, and the barn became the first chapel.

Thanks to a large gift received in 2009, construction on the church was able to move forward in 2011.  The west façade, the nave, and the transept were raised to half their intended height.  A roof was put over this new structure, allowing it to be used already as a church.  In 2013 the schematic architectural plans for the remaining buildings were completed.  A contract for the construction of the church’s eastern portion, or chevet, was signed on March 10, 2016.


Visiting Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey:

The Abbey is about 45 miles east of Tulsa, and is part of the Diocese of Tulsa.  It is open to guests who wish to stay for a day, a weekend, or longer.  You are welcome to participate in daily Mass as well as the Divine Office.   Be sure to check out the schedule on their website.

And by all means visit their gift shop, where you will find icons, rosaries, books and more.

Address: 5804 W Monastery Road, Hulbert, OK 74441-5698

Tel: +1(918) 772-2454

Click here for the official website of Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey

Photos courtesy of Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey

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