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Boston, Massachusetts: Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help


About the Basilica:

Here in Boston you find a Basilica dedicated to one of the most famous and honored depictions of the Blessed Virgin Mary: Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

The original image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help was under control of the Redemptorist Order and kept in the Church of Saint Alphonsus Ligouri in Rome. Copies of the image were made and touched to the original and then distributed to Redemptorist houses in the U.S.

One of those copies was sent to Boston and hung in the Mission Church in 1871. In 1878 a new, larger church was built and the painting was given a place of honor in the chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Many reports of cures surfaced not long after the picture was hung in the chapel.

The Church was elevated to the status of Basilica in 1954.

Also of great interest here is a wax likeness of the body of Saint Nazarius the Martyr, containing some of his bones. These relics were brought here from Rome in 1873.

The father of Nazarius held a post in the Roman army and was a heathen. His mother, Perpetua, was a Christian and Nazarius embraced this new religion to the point that he left Rome to help spread the faith. Upon reaching Milan, he fell victim to one of Nero’s persecutions and was beheaded for the faith, together with Celsus, a youth who accompanied him.

In addition, the church is know for its magnificent stained glass windows, murals, tabernacles paintings and more. There are more than 200 statues of angels and saints in the Basilicas.

There are daily and weekend Masses and a full range of Parish activities.


Traveling to the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Boston:

Address: 1545 Tremont Street boston, MA 02120

GPS coordinates: 42° 19′ 57.6372” N, 71° 6′ 1.1844” W

Tel: +1 (617) 445-2600

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