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Fort Worth: Saint Patrick Cathedral

About Saint Patrick Cathedral in Fort Worth, Texas:

One of the oldest churches in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Saint Patrick Cathedral was formed in 1876 when Bishop Claude Dubuis of Galveston assigned Father Thomas Loughrey to Fort Worth.

In 1953 Saint Patrick Church was raised to the status of co-Cathedral, sharing the honor with Sacred Heart Cathedral in Dallas, and the diocese of Dallas was renamed the Diocese of Dallas-Fort Worth.

On August 22, 1969, Pope Paul VI separated 28 counties of north central Texas from the Diocese of Dallas and established the Diocese of Fort Worth. The co-Cathedral of Saint Patrick was named the Cathedral of the new diocese.

Today, Saint Patrick Cathedral is the mother church of a diocese that encompasses 23,950 square miles and includes over 90 parishes.

The structure is not large, but has a traditional feel to it that many churches no longer have. There are many beautiful stained glass windows and statues.


Finding Saint Patrick Cathedral in Fort Worth, Texas:

Address:  1206 Throckmorton St., Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Tel:  +1 817 332-4915, Fax: +1 817-338-1988

Click here for the official website of Saint Patrick Cathedral in Fort Worth, Texas.

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