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Catholic shrines & places of interest in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

About Dallas/Fort Worth:

These two cities, 30 miles apart, have grown to the point where they are almost inseparable, with just a few suburbs such as Irving, Grand Prairie and Arlington in between, and many fairly large cities such as Garland in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the entire area is often just referred to as the DFW Metroplex.  Fort Worth had the nickname “cow town” due to its location on the Chisolm Trail which resulted in one of the largest cattle markets in the world. Meantime Dallas develope a reputation as a financial center and was given the nickname as the “Chicago of the South” due to its financial institutions .

The growth of the area over the last 40 years has resulted in many newcomers to the area, many from predominantly Catholic areas of the Northeastern U.S. as well as Mexico,  resulting in increasing the percentage of Catholics in what was once a heavily protestant area known as “the Bible belt”.  Catholics still are in the minority among religions but are close in numbers to the protestants.

Traveling to Dallas/Fort Worth:

With the DFW International Airport located between these two major cities, the DFW Metroplex is accessable from all parts of the country.  In addition to the DFW International Airport, the city of Dallas has Love Field, which is the home of Southwest Airlines and a few other commuter lines that offer service to many cities in the U.S.  There is also limited train service on Amtrak.

There is also commuter train service between the two cities.

Catholic Shrines & places of interest in Dallas/Fort Worth:


Monastery of the Most Holy Trinity


The National Shrine Cathedral of the Virgin of Guadalupe (seat of the Diocese of Dallas)

Mount Carmel Retreat Center

Fort Worth:

Saint Patrick Cathedral (seat of the Diocese of Ft. Worth)


St. Thomas the Apostle Syro-Malabar Forane Catholic Church

Grand Prairie:

Nazareth Retreat Center


Cistercian Abbey Our Lady of Dallas

Lake Dallas:

Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House


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