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Prague: Loreto Prague


About Loreto Prague:

Loreto Prague is one of the most famous of the Marian sites in the Czech Republic.    It is a stunning replica of the Holy House of Loreto, Italy.  The shrine was consecrated in 1631 and became a popular place of pilgrimage.   It is a simple, stone-walled building and has a copy of the statue of Our Lady of Loreto inside.

As time evolved a church was built surrounding the Holy House:  The Church of the Nativity, which was consecrated a little over 100 years later, in 1737. As a result, the shrine is located in the middle of the courtyard complex between the church and the cloisters, surrounded by six chapels:

The Chapel of Saint Anne, with a side altar of Saint Laurence; The Chapel of Saint Francis Seraphinas with a magnificent painting of the Stigmata of Saint Francis;  The Chapel of the Holy Family (also called the Chapel of Saint Joseph);  The Chapel of the Holy Rood, The Chapel of Saint Anthony of Padua and the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows.

In the tower of the church is a 27-bell carillon that plays the Loretan Marian song “A Thousand Times We Greet Thee” every hour from 9 am to 6 pm daily.

The Treasury consists of a rare collection of liturgical objects from the 16th to 18th centuries, the most famous of which is the “Prague Sun”, a monstrance encrusted with 6,222 diamonds.

You are welcome to attend Sunday Mass in the Church of the Nativity. Groups of pilgrims traveling with a priest can arrange to have their own Mass in the Church of the Nativity.

Please note there is an extra fee if you wish to take pictures, but it is nominal and well worth it.

They offer lodging and short term accommodation not only for students and youth but also for families, choirs and other kinds of groups or individuals. There are 14 rooms available with capacity of 56 beds in total, common sanitary facilities and one common room with a small kitchen to prepare simple meals. During summer from July to August total capacity increases by 17 bedrooms, 1-3 beds each.


Finding the Loreto House in Prague:

Loreto Prague is located right next to Prague Castle.  So as long as you are already there try to include it in your visit.

Address:  Loretánské náměstí 7,  118 00 Praha 1- Hradčany

Tel: +420 220 516 740

Click here for the official website of Loreto Prague.


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