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Catholic Shrines and Places of Interest in the Czech Republic

About the Czech Republic:

Saints Cyril and Methodius, two brothers from Thessaloniki, arrived in the Great Moravian Empire in 863 at the behest of the second ruler of the empire, Prince Rostislav.

In order to make their mission to spread Christianity among the Slavs more successful, they conducted their services in a Slavic tongue, for which Cyril created a new alphabet, the Cyrillic Alphabet. Both of these future saints had an enormous effect on the development of learning and the spread of Christianity in this part of Europe.  We celebrate the Feast Day of Saints Cyril and Methodius on February 14.

It was actually called Czechoslovakia for most of the 20th century, and of course it was under Soviet rule following World War II until the U.S.S.R. dissolved, at which time it was split into the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

Despite relentless persecution under Communist rule, the faithful remained, and there are several shrines of interest in the country.

Some sites of interest in the Czech Republic:

Prague: Infant Jesus of Prague, St. Vitus Cathedral, Loreto Prague

Svata Hora:  Our Lady of Svata Hora

Velehrad: The Velehrad Monastery

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