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The Paradores of Spain

One of the joys of travel is to soak up local history and atmosphere. And certainly you will find both in a series of hotels known as Paradores. Owned by the Spanish government, these former medieval castles, Arab fortresses, palaces and monasteries have been turned into modern hotels while still preserving the historic charm of the buildings they occupy.

There are over 90 Paradores scattered throughout Spain and each has its own personality. Chefs for the Paradors are trained at their own special school in Salamanca. They feature local cuisine and wines.

The Paradores of Spain run from the fairly expensive Catolico de los Reyes in Santiago de Compostela to the more moderate Palacio de los Velada in Avila and Parador de Limpias in Limpias.

Some of them have mixed reviews due to condition issues, but many people feel that this is part of the charm of the paradors. Due to the original structure you may find them lacking certain modern conveniences such as large elevators, handicap access or even wireless connections, so be sure to check ahead.

Rather than stay in some cookie-cutter version of a large hotel chain, we suggest you include at least one if traveling independently. In some cases, a group might stay at one of them, based on their itinerary.

Click here for the official website showing all the Paradors of Spain and their locations.

There are also Paradores in the Canary Islands, which are part of Spain.

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