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Oviedo, Spain

About Oviedo:

The city of Oviedo is located in the country’s Asturias region, an autonomous region of the country.  Due to the mountainous terrain and the hostility of the local population, Asturias was never fully conquered by the Romans in the first century B.C. nor by the Muslim invaders of the 8th century.

Among the Catholic shrines & places of interest in Oviedo are:

Monastery of San Pelayo

The Cathedral of Oviedo (Cathedral of San Salvador)


Traveling to Oviedo:

There is train service to Oviedo from Madrid (about 5 hours….be aware…… Madrid has more than one train station).  Of course there is train service from other cities as well.

The nearest airport is Asturias airport, about 18 miles from Oviedo.

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