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Manresa, Spain: Cave of Saint Ignatius


About Manresa and the Cave of Saint Ignatius:

Saint Ignatius of Loyola stopped here in 1522 on his way back from Montserrat.  While here he found solitude in this cave for a year…living the simple life of a beggar… and he sketched the fundamentals of his little book The Spiritual Exercises.

Cave of St. Igtnatius in Manresa, Spain
PMRMaeyaert / CC BY-SA 3.0 ES (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/es/deed.en)

The Cave is a natural grotto facing Montserrat and over which the Church, the Jesuit Residence and the Centre of Spirituality are built. In the Cave there is an alabaster altarpiece (second half of the 17th century) that represents Saint Ignatius as penitent, with a pen in his hands and his look towards Montserrat. On the right several alabaster pictures in relief (18th century) can be seen and over one of them there are three crosses carved on the very rock where Ignatius prayed.

Before entering the Cave there is a vestibule, consisting in a spacious aisle designed by Marti Coronas, a Jesuit Brother, at the beginning of the 20th century. Four stained-glass windows in a Venetian mosaic style, bronze relief works, the mosaics and the ceiling are remarkable artistic elements. Two bronze Angels, by artist Llimona, symbolizing Saint Ignatius’ prayer and penance, are over the door of the cave. On the floor can be seen the Loyola house coat of arms, a cannon in remembrance of the Saint’s wound and a big sunflower a symbol of Ignatius’ heart open to Jesus.

You can attend daily Mass from Monday to Saturday at the Cave at 7.30 a.m. and Sundays and Holy Days at 12.00 noon.  Except for public holidays in Catalonia, which are: Easter Monday, May 1, June 24 (St. John), September 11, October 12, September 6, and December 26.

Half an hour before the celebration of the Eucharist on Sundays or holy days of obligation.

Traveling with a group?  Groups can celebrate the Eucharist, in the Cave or the Sanctuary, by making a reservation in advance.


Traveling to the Cave of Saint Ignatius (Cova de Sant Ignasi):

Address:  Camí de la Cova 17,  08241 Manresa (Barcelona)

Tel: +34 93 872 04 22

email: info@covamanresa.cat

Click here for the official website of the Cave of Saint Ignatius

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