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Limpias, Spain: The Miraculous Crucifix of Limpias


The story of Limpias & the Miraculous Crucifix:

Located in Cantabria, not far from the village of Garabandal, the 16th Century Church of Saint Peter (Iglesia san Pedro) at Limpias houses a life-size crucifix that has a fascinating history. In 1914, a monk of the Order of Pauline Fathers was cleaning the face of Our Lord on the crucifix when he was astonished to see that the eyes open and then close.

Another apparition took place soon after, when it was reported by a girl in the confessional that she saw the same thing. At first the priest hearing the confession dismissed this as the girl’s imagination, until several other penitents reported the same thing. After leaving the confessional the parish priest began to pray in front of the crucifix, but by now many of the parishoners reported that the figure of Our Lord was also perspiring.

Miraculous Crucifix of Limpias, SpainAgain on Palm Sunday in 1919 Our Lord manifested himself to two of Limpias’ prominent citizens who had come to refute these claims, attributing them to mass hysteria. One of them, upon gazing at the crucifix, immediately fell to his knees proclaiming his belief in the miracle. The following Sunday (Easter) a group of nuns who ran a girl’s school in Limpias observed the eyes and lips of Our Lord on the crucifix move.

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The story was circulated in many Spanish newspapers as well as those from other countries as well.

Many more apparitions were reported including those seen personally by a Bishop from Cuba, who came here after visiting Rome.

Although the apparitions have ceased, there are some pilgrims who visit here each year. A very few groups do include a stop here as part of their pilgrimages to Garabandal.


Traveling to Limpias, Spain:

If you are traveling on your own, the village is about one-hour’s drive east of Santander and about 2 hours north and east of Garabandal. There is no train service to Limpias but you can reach it by bus. You may want to stay in Garabandal and make this a day trip or stay here and make Garabandal a day trip.

Although the village has a population of only 1500, there is a Parador in the village that can make a good home base to visit Santander, Bilbao, Garabandal and other cities in the area.

The town is very small, so you will not need a street address.

GPS coordinates: 43° 21′ 52.2324” N, 3° 25′ 1.9416” W

There is no official church website.

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  1. I was there in limpias in 2006….on side trip from Garabandal. …we entered the church, and I went to the smaller side alter on right. There is another, old, life size crucifix. I did not know the histor of Limpias…and this was during holy week. …all of a sudden I began to sob…my friend came over to see what was wrong…I told her “the copus of Jesus came alive and the left hand from the nail to the fingertips moved in a fashion of beckoning me to the cross.
    We both knelt and wept as we both observed the eyes of the crucifix opening and closing.

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