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Levoca, Slovakia: Saint Jacob’s Church


About the Church of Saint Jacob in Levoca:

One of Slovakia’s most famous religious as well as cultural monuments is the Church of Saint Jacob in Levoca. The Church features the highest gothic wooden altar in the world, as well as an organ that is believed to be the largest in Slovakia.

It is perhaps over-shadowed by Our Lady of Levoca and Marian Hill located here, but certainly worth a visit.

Measuring 60 feet high and 20 feet wide it is truly remarkable, but not just for its size but for its beauty and workmanship. It features reliefs and statues that are beautifully crafted and considered one of the masterpieces of Gothic art.

In addition to the high altar there are 17 side altars which, although not of the same size, still have the great detail that makes them so beautiful

Getting there:

The Church is located close to the Shrine.
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