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Bratislava, Slovakia: The Blue Church (Church of St. Elizabeth)


About the Blue Church in Bratislava:


Bratislava: The Blue Church
Exterior of the “Blue Church”

The church is perhaps best known for its exterior rather than the interior.  It was built from 1909-1913, and primarily made of concrete, part of the art nouveau movement of the time and designed by architect Odon Lechner .  He used tiny ceramic plates of blue color on the exterior to increase the decorativeness and blue glazed tiles on the roof. For this reason the Church of St. Elizabeth was named by people “The blue church”.   The exterior of the church was refurbished in 1980 to much of its former appearance after years of neglect.


On the front side above the main entrance there is an Italian mosaic picturing the patroness of the church St. Elizabeth – it is a gift of the Esztergom archbishop Klaudius Vaszary. Above the mosaic there is a symbol of Eucharistic sacrifice – cup with hostia.


The interior is richly decorated with a rose motif…the architect was aware of the story of Saint Elizabeth and roses.

The organ was built by company Schonhoffer from Bratislava.

The church is open daily for services and prayers. There is no Entrance Fee. There are daily morning and evening Masses…all in the Slovak language. If a group of pilgrims wants to celebrate Catholic Holy mass in the Church and has a Catholic priest with them, then arrangements can be made for them to have their own private Mass. You need to make arrangements in advance via email.

Address: Alžbety, Bezručova 2, 811 09 Bratislava-Staré Mesto, Slovakia

Tel:  +421 2/527 335 72

email: modrykostol@gmail.com

Click here for the official website of the Blue Church in Bratislava.

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