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Volga River Cruises in the Russian Federation

As mentioned in our section on cruising, river cruises are an increasingly popular way to travel. A cruise on the Volga River from Moscow to Saint Petersburg (or the reverse) gives you the opportunity to see this ancient land so recently liberated from the shackles of Communism.

You will not find many Catholic churches along the way, with the exception of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, since there are so few left in Russia.  During Communist rule, many Catholic churches were either closed or given over to the Russian Orthodox Church. Tensions still remain between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches with the predominant Russian Orthodox Church fearful of inroads being made by the Catholic Church. As a result it is difficult for the Catholic Church to expand within the Russian Federation……although there has been some easing of restrictions.

At one time there were at least a dozen cruise lines offering Volga River cruises   Most of the itineraries were 10-day and 14-day journeys. The stops along the way feature local guides escorting you to various sites of interest, as well as entertainers who come on board. And the accommodations on board ship are similar to any other river cruise ship.

Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine has put a stop to most of these.  We will keep you updated on future developments.

We welcome comments from anyone who has suggestions as to which cruise line they prefer–just send us an email.

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