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The Pousadas of Portugal

Perhaps inspired by the success of the earlier chain of lodging in Spain called paradors, the Pousadas of Portugal trace their origins to the late 1940’s.

Like those in Spain, these are former convents and palaces that have been turned in to hotels. Therefore they offer a certain charm not to be found elsewhere.

The Pousadas are located throughout the country offering a great opportunity to sample the local lifestyle, and perhaps more importantly, the local cuisine.

Conditions may not live up to everyone’s expectations, however, since these old buildings were not designed to be handicap-accessable and may have steep stairs or small elevators. So bear all these things in mind when considering your reservation.

All together, though, we think these are great places to stay. There is a sense of history when you stay in one of these that cannot be duplicated by a modern hotel.

Click here for the official website of the Pousadas in Portugal.

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