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Legnica, Poland: Eucharistic Miracle in Święty Jacek Church (St. Hyacinth)


The story of the Miracle in Legnica:

On the 25th of December, 2013, in the Święty Jacek Church in Legnica, a Host fell on the floor during the distribution of Communion. It was put in a container with water to dissolve it, but after some time, rather than dissolving, it turned red.

A commission was set up to observe the phenomenon. In February 2014, a tiny red fragment of the Host was separated and put on a corporal. The Commission ordered that samples be taken in order to conduct thorough tests by the Department of Forensic Medicine in Szczecin.

The research was conducted and it was determined that the fragments of tissue that were found contained the fragmented parts of the cross striated muscle, which is most similar to the heart muscle with alterations that often appear during the agony. This would be similar to the findings of the Eucharistic Miracle in Lanciano, Italy  and of other Eucharistic Miracles reported around the world.

The genetic research indicates the human origin of the tissue.

View of the Eucharistic Miracle on display
View of the Eucharistic Miracle on display

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in the Vatican advised that the Miraclulous host be exposed for the faithful to view. The Bishop of Legnica announced the results to all parishes on April 17, 2016.  The host, in a special monstrance, is exposed in the Święty Jacek (better translated as Saint Hyacinth) Parish in Legnica.

Traveling to Legnica:

The city is about one hour’s drive (80 Km) from Wroclaw, which has the nearest major airport. There is also frequent train service between the two cities, as well as from other cities in Poland, such as Warsaw or Krakow (total travel time would be about 5 hours).

Address: Nadbrzeżna 3, 59-220 Legnica, Poland

GPS coordinates: 51° 12′ 37.4004” N, 16° 10′ 25.878” E

Tel: +48 76 724 43 74

email: jacek.legnica@gmail.com

Click here for the official website of the Church of Święty Jacek (St. Hyacinth) in Legnica. (in Polish) There are photos on the home page that show the Eucharistic Miracle, as well as the letter from the Bishop of Legnica.

Photo courtesy Diocese of Legnica

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