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Glotowa, Poland:  Eucharistic Miracle of Glotowo


The Story of the Eucharistic Miracle in Glotowo:

The story begins in the 13th Century, a time when Lithuanian troops invaded Poland.  The parish priest from the village of Glotowo buried a consecrated host in a gold-plated ciborium in a field outside of town to keep it from the invaders.  The Lithuanian troops did indeed destroy the town and the church.  But now the story gets interesting.

None of the towns people knew about the buried ciborium with the host inside,and it was some years later….1290 to be exact…that the host was again discovered.  There are several versions of the story, but they all agree on this point:  a farmer was out plowing his field one day, when suddenly his oxen bowed to the ground as if in adoration.  A strange light seemed to emanate from the ground.   The farmer began to dig and found the ciborium with the host intact inside, as white as snow.

Once the word spread, it was decided to bring the host to the church in Dobre Miastro, a larger town in the area.  However, once there is disappeared and was found back in the place where it was found.  This was taken to be Divine Intervention, and a church dedicated to Corpus Christi was built on that spot.


About the Church of Corpus Christi in Glotowo:

As the popularity of Glotowo grew, the church was enlarged to the building you see today.  The Church is open daily.

Traveling to Glotowo:

The town is about 4 hours drive north of Warsaw, the nearest international airport.

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