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Bardo Slaskie, Shrine of Our Lady Guardian of the Faith

About the Shrine of Our Lady Guardian of the Faith:

The history of the statue of Our Lady here goes back to the 13th Century.  Tradition tells that the Blessed Mother appeared to a young man and gave him the statue with the instructions that a chapel should be built here in her honor.   In 1270, a knight passing through the area was healed.  From that time on, many pilgrims came here.  Then, in 1440, Our Lady appeared on the mount here in Bardo.  She was observed weeping and left her footprint on a rock.

Bardo SlaskiMany more healings were said to have taken place and soon attracted pilgrims, not only from Poland, but also from Bohemia, Moravia and Germany. On a wall you will find many votives testifying to healings and graces received.

In the early 20th Century, a route of rosary chapels was built, 15 in all.

Also located here is the Well of Mary, purported to have miraculous properties.

Traveling to Bardo:

Roman Catholic Parish of the Blessed Virgin Mary Help of Christians

Address:  ul. Świątnicka 32 , 52-018 Wroclaw – Księże Small

Tel +48 (71) 343 79 76

email: kancelaria@parafiaksieze.pl

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