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Cebu, Philippines: Shrine of Saint Pedro Calungsod

About Pedro Calungsod:

Pedro Calungsod was born around 1665 (the exact date is unknown) in the Philippine city of Cebu. Not much is know of his youth; however, since he was picked to join the Jesuits on their mission we must assume that he had a strong religious education.

In 1168, at about age 14, Pedro was chosen to accompany the Jesuits to the Ladrones Islands in an effort funded by Maria Anna of Austria, who was Queen Regent of Spain. In fact the name of the Island chain was changed to the Marianas Islands in honor of both the Blessed Virgin Mary and the sponsor of their expedition.

Pedro and a Jesuit Priest Blessed Diego Luís de San Vitores, were sent to the island of Guam. Despite difficult conditions and lack of supplies, they were able to convert many of the natives to Christianity. However, they ran into opposition from others especially a local Chinese merchant and some of the local witch doctors. Using trumped-up claims that the water they used to baptize babies was poisoned, they encouraged a local village chief to have them killed.

The opportunity came when the chief’s wife gave birth and wanted the baby baptized. Father Vitores baptized the baby without the chief’s permission.

The chief became enraged and went to find someone to help him kill the priest and his young assistant. Reports indicate that Pedro might have been able to save himself when attacked, but would not leave Father Vitores, and therefore was martyred.

Pedro Calungsod was declared a Saint by Pope Benedict XVI in October 2012 at a ceremony in Rome.

About the Shrine of Pedro Calungsod:

The Shrine is located on the grounds of the Archbishop’s compound as shown on the map.

Address: D. Jakosalem St., Cebu City, Philippines

Phone: +63 (32) 255-2170

email: spcs20202@gmail.com

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