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Schiedam, Netherlands: Basilica of St Liduina (Lidwina)

About Saint Liduina:

The correct spelling in Dutch is Liduina, although you may find it spelled Lydwina or even Lidwina on some websites.  Liduina’s father was a nobleman, albeit poor, and her mother was a commoner, so she came from a relatively poor economic environment.

Woodcut representation of Liduina falling on the ice


Still, she had a happy life until she was injured in an ice-skating accident at age 16, she broke her rib, causing gangrene to set in, and Liduina became paralyzed.

She endured suffering the rest of her life. She spent her time praying, meditating, and offering her pain to God.



From her youth Liduina had a devotion to Our Lady of Schiedam.

The story of Our Lady of Schiedam is that a merchant, who had stolen this image, embarked with the intention of selling it at a fair at Antwerp. Mysteriously, he could never get away from the port. Alarmed by this, he restored the image which he had taken away, and it was solemnly transferred to the Church of Saint John the Baptist here in Schiedam.

It was at this shrine that Liduina spent whole nights in prayer. She had a special devotion to the Eucharist, and had ecstatic visions in which she was shown Heaven and Purgatory, participated in Christ’s Passion, and was visited by saints.

Among those revelations was that of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who revealed to Liduina the extent of suffering Christ would ask her to endure, but likewise assured her that she, the Blessed Virgin Mary, would sustain her through her grace and intercessory power.

It was reported that Liduina’s only food for the last 19 years of her life was the Eucharist.

Miracles occurred at her bed side, and she was sometimes falsely accused of being possessed.  She was blind for the last seven years of her life. Her final vision was of Christ administering last rites to her.

She died on Easter Sunday, April 14, 1433 in Schiedam.  Canonized by Pope Leo XIII, we celebrate her feast day on April 14.  Not surprisingly, she is patron saint of ice skaters as well as others.


The Basilica of Saint Liduina:

Located here in Schiedam, the Basilica houses the mortal remains of St. Liduina.

Address:   Singel 104, 3112 GS Schiedam

Tel: +31 (0)10 426 82 28

email:  a.wepster@goedeherderparochie.nl

You can also use the contact form on their website.

Click here for the official website of the Basilica of St Liduina in Schiedam, Netherlands.

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