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Lebanon: Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa

About the Shrine:

Atop the shrine of Our Lady of LebanonOne of the most beautiful countries in the Middle East is home to a shrine visited by both Christians and Muslims alike. Our Lady of Lebanon just outside the capital city of Beruit. Although recent years have brought war and destruction, the country has withstood all this.

The shrine attracts over two million pilgrims each year.  Many Lebanese also have their weddings performed here.  Pope John Paul II visited here in 1997 and celebrated Mass in the Basilica. Pope Benedict XVI visited in September 2012.

The Shrine is administered by the Franciscans who have custody of the Holy Land and has at least two priests at all times to hear confessions and offers Mass daily.

Getting there:

Beruit has a major international airport served by many airlines. The political situation may be influenced by the civil war in neighboring Syria, but appears stable at this time.

Address: Keserwan, Lebanon

GPS coordinates: 33° 58′ 53.8248” N, 35° 39′ 5.2560” E

Click here for the official website of Harissa.

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