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Aglona, Latvia: Basilica of the Assumption

About Latvia:

Like most of the Baltic states, Latvia came under Russian and then German occupation during World War II, followed by Soviet Rule from 1945-1981, when it finally re-gained its independence. Thousands of civilians were murdered or sent to concentration camps during these periods.

The predominant religion is Lutheran, with a sizable Roman Catholic minority in the Southeast part of the country, which is where you will find the city of Aglona.

About the Basilica of the Assumption:

The Basilica of the Assumption in Aglona, Latvia is one of the most important Catholic spiritual centers in Latvia. Every year thousands of pilgrims flock to the Basilica on the day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on 15 August. It is one of the eight international shrines recognized by the Holy See and its religious events were attended by around 300,000 pilgrims.

In 1980 Basilica of the Assumption celebrated its 200th anniversary, and Pope John Paul II granted it the title of Minor Basiica. In September 1993 he visited the basilica. The Basilica also has the distinction of being an International Shrine, one of only about 100 in the world.

Getting there:

There is a combination night train/ bus service from Riga.  Get train and bus schedules, see fares and buy tickets here.

Address: Ciriša iela 8 Aglona, Aglonas novads, LV-5304

GPS coordinates: 56° 7′ 35.382” N, 27° 0′ 52.5564” E

Tel: + 371 26 596 244

e-mail: aks@aglonasbazilika.lv

Click here for the official website of the Basilica of the Assumption in Aglona, Latvia

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