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Venice: Saint Mark’s Basilica

About the Saint Mark’s Basilica:

Here, on Plaza San Marco, is Venice’s most notable landmark, Saint Mark’s Basilica, or rather the Basilica of Saint Mark as it is formally known.  It is here that you will find the body of the saint under the high altar. Tradition tells the story of two Venetian merchants who risked their lives to steal his body from his tomb in Alexandria, Egypt in the early 19th Century and brought it to the city.

About Museum of Saint Mark:

Saint Mark’s Museum was established at the end of the 19th century, it houses objects of various kinds and origins that belong to the Church.  One of the most prestigious works is the quadriga of St. Mark’s.

The Museum also contains Persian carpets, liturgical vestments, illuminated manuscripts with the texts of St. Mark liturgies and fragments of ancient mosaics removed during restoration in the 19th century. Then there are tapestries in wool with episodes from the Passion of Christ and others in silk and silver illustrating stories of St. Mark.

Finding the Basilica of Saint Mark:

As mentioned before, it is probably the most famous location in the city and easy to find.  The Basilica is usually crowded with tourists so it is not easy to meditate here but certainly is the high point of any Catholic’s visit to Venice.  If you have mobility problems,  there sometimes planks along the sidewalk due to frequent flooding, and also the floors of the Basilica are also un-even so be careful when walking around.

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