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Trying to stay on a Gluten-Free Diet in Italy? No Problem!

Many people today are trying gluten-free diets. This is not only for those with Celiac disease, but also many who are simply trying to avoid wheat. There is a lot of concern that modern genetically-altered wheat has negative health effects and some of those who give up wheat report losing weight, more energy and a host of other benefits.

But what about Italy? Can you envision yourself munching on rice cakes while everyone else has a great pasta dish and freshly baked bread?

Well, forget worrying!

It surprises many to find out that finding gluten-free food in Italy is easy. Almost all children in Italy are tested for celiac disease at a young age, and the law requires gluten-free foods in schools, hospitals and other public facilities. As a result, many hotels and restaurants also offer this option.

Memorize the following phrases in Italian: “Lo Sono Celiaco” or Senza Glutine”.  Any restaurant will immediately understand your needs and many will be able to offer alternative menu items.Many people are not necessarily afflicted with celiac disease, but are simply trying to avoid wheat.

Note, this does not apply to all restaurants, so we suggest that you do a bit of research and pick out a few restaurants in advance.

Some hotels also provide gluten-free meals. Naturally if you are traveling in a group, then you will not have a choice of hotels, but they still may be able to help you out.

We found a website that lists many hotels (not only in Italy, but world wide) that offer gluten-free meals. Click here for GlutenFreeHotels.com

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