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Sansepolcro, Italy: “The Resurrection”, Fresco by Pier Della Francesca


The history of this town in Tuscany goes back at least to the 9th Century when two pilgrims from the Holy Land were said to have brought back two relics from the tomb of Christ. There is no official documentation for this other than the tradition that has been passed down, and the fact that the town’s crest bears the symbol of Piero’s fresco.

It is here that you will find one of the most famous frescoes of the Renaissance, “The Resurrection” by Piero della Francesca, dating from around 1460.

The fresco was done on the walls of the civic center, and is the main attraction in the Museo Civico. The museum has other artworks as well, including the painting “the Martyrdom of Saint Quentin” by Jacopo Pontormo.


In addition to the museum, you can find famous artworks in the Duomo (cathedral) and the Church of San Lorenzo.

If you are in Tuscany and are an art lover, you might want to devote a few hours to travel to Sansepolcro. There are very few Catholic tours that include it in their itineraries so far as we can find. Due to being a bit off the normal pilgrimage routes, it is an enjoyable look at Italian life without the crowds of tourists you find in many other towns.


Traveling to Sansepolcro:

The town is southeast of Florence and can make for an easy day trip. If you are traveling by train, the nearest station is Arezzo.  The train takes a little over one hour. There is also bus service from Florence.  Get train & bus schedules, see fares & buy tickets here.

The information below is for the Museum:

Address: Via Niccolò Aggiunti, 65, 52037 Sansepolcro AR, Italy

GPS coordinates: 43° 34′ 17.4396” N, 12° 8′ 29.2884” E

Tel: +39 0575 73 2218

e-mail: museocivico@comune.sansepolcro.ar.it

Click here for the official website of Museo Civico di Sansepolcro.

Click here for more information from the official town of Sansepolcro website.

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