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Reggio Emilia, Italy: Basilica Shrine of Our Lady of Ghiara


Portrait of Our Lady of Ghiara
Our Lady of Ghiara

The Story of Our Lady of Ghiara:

This Basilica is home to several great works of art; but it gained its fame from one of them in paricular:  a portrait of the Madonna by Bertone.

A young boy named Marchino, who was was deaf and had been born without a tongue, was praying before the painting on April 29, 1596. Suddenly, he was able to hear and incredibly grew a tongue. The miracle was approved by Pope Clement VIII shortly after that, on July 22, 1596.

The public anniversary of the Miracle is celebrated here each year on April 29.

Over the years many miracles were recorded and are documented in the Basilica.

It is not as well known as many others in Italy, and that is unfortunate, since it is so beautiful and has such a rich history.

About the Basilica Shrine of Our Lady of Ghiara:

The word ghiara means gravel in Italian, and comes from the fact that a stream, with large gravel deposits used to run where the church is now.

Only one year after the reported miracle construction began on the church, designed by architect Alessandro Balbi. Construction was finished by Pacchioni, a Reggian architect.

The Basilica was visited by Pope John Paul II in 1988… sometimes it seems like he visited just about everywhere!

Here is the story of a visit to the Shrine by Tom & Sue Melillo.

And here is a video highlighting the artwork in the Basilica.

Traveling to Reggio Emilia:

There is frequent train service from Bologna (the largest major city), taking only about 40 minutes. From Modena, it is even less….about 12 minutes. Of course there is train service from other cities as well.  Get train & bus schedules, see fares & buy tickets here

There is also a small regional airport in Reggio Emilia.

Address: Corso Garibaldi, Provincia di Reggio Emilia, Italy

GPS coordinates: 44° 41′ 55.2912” N, 10° 37′ 36.3648” E

Tel:   (+39) 0522 439707 (they only speak Italian)

e-mail:    provinciaprg@libero.it

We are not aware of any website for the Basilica.

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