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Cappella Sansevero, Naples

About Cappella Sansevero:

The chapel is actually a small, private museum, open to visitors for a fee.  It is well worth the visit, especially if you have any interest in art.  It contains some of the finest marble sculptures anywhere on earth.

Particularly famous is the “Veiled Christ”, a 1753 marble sculpture by Giuseppe Sanmartino.  Carved from one solid block of marble, “Veiled Christ” is considered one of the world’s most remarkable sculptures, and so realistic that some thought it created by alchemy.

the Release from Deception" by Francesco QueiroloThe museum also holds  “the Release from Deception” by Francesco Queirolo, showing a man freeing himself from a net, all carved from a single block of marble.  Again, it is almost impossible to appreciate the detail from this photograph.


Finding the Cappella Sansevero:

The Chapel is located in the historic center of Naples, not far from the Cathedral.

Address:  Via Francesco de Sanctis, 19/21, 80134 Napoli NA, Italy

Tel: +39 081 551 8470

email:  info@museosansevero.it

Click here for the official website in English or here for Italian.


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