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Naples, Italy

About Naples:

If ever the term city of contrasts fits, it probably does so best here in Naples.  It is large, dirty, crime-infested and yet it has some magnificent beauty:  you will find many beautiful churches, Museums, Madonnas set into walls facing the street, and, of course great seafood as well as their specialty:  Neapolitan pizza!   To be considered Neopolitan, it has to be made with tomatoes which grow in the volcanic soil to the south of Mount Vesuvius, and Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, a special cheese made with the milk from water buffalo.

Neapolitans tend to be fiercly proud of their city…and their football (soccer) teams as well.

Catholic shrines & places of interest in Naples:

Chiesa di San Domenico Maggiore (Cell of St. Thomas Aquinas, Magnificent frescoes)

Gesù Nuovo Church (Tomb of Saint Giuseppe Muscati)

Naples Cathedral  (The Blood of Saint Januarius & the Catacombs of Naples)

Sansevero Chapel Museum  (Magnificent works of art)


Traveling to Naples:

Naples, of course, is accessible by air, rail, car and is popular stop on some cruises as well. Some Catholic tour groups to Italy include Naples as part of the tour.

Get train & bus schedules, see fares & buy tickets here.

If you are traveling on your own you might want to consider a local guide to give you the best experience or even a day trip from Rome.

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