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Castel Gandolfo, Italy

About Castel Gandolfo:

As anyone who has ever been to Rome in the summer time can attest, the city can be unbearably hot. This was certainly the case before air conditioning. No wonder then that the Popes chose to reside in the nearby town of Castel Gandolfo, about 15 miles Southeast of the city. Close to Rome, but averaging slightly cooler temperatures and mild breezes, the town made a perfect escape from the sultry Papal palace. Although the invention of air conditioning obviously makes things more bearable, most Popes have continued this tradition as a means of taking a bit of a break from their daily activities at the Vatican, although much work continues to be done at the summer palace. The first Pope to stay here was Pope Urban VI, in 1628.

If you happen to be in Rome in July or August…or any other month for that matter….we suggest you consider heading over to Castel Gandolfo.

Catholic places of interest in Castel Gandolfo:

Catholic Institute of Technology:  a newly established American university,

The Papal summer palace.