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Assisi: Santuario della Spogliazione

About the Sanctuary of the Spogliazione:

The Sanctuary of the Spoliazione (Renunciation or Stripping) of St. Francis, is located within the parish Church of Saint Mary Major in Assisi, and is fairly new by Assisi standards, having been dedicated on May 20, 1917. The Sanctuary was built on the site where the Saint Francis took off his rich clothes in front of his father Pietro di Bernardone in order to renounce his wealth.  Saint Mary Major was the original Cathedral at the time of Saint Francis.

On April 5-6 of 2019, the body of Venerable Carlo Acutis was moved here from its current location.  As is the case in someone being considered for sainthood, his body was taken from the cemetery here in Assisi to a secure location for examination before it was be re-interred here in the Sanctuary.

Finding the Sanctuary of the Spogliazione in Assisi:

The Sanctuary is located in the Church of Saint Mary Major in Assisi.

Address:  piazza vescovado, Assisi, Italy 06081

Tel:  +39 (075) 813085

Click here for the official website of the Santuario della Spogliazione

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