Glendalough, Ireland: Monastic Settlement of Saint Kevin


About Glendalough:

Glendalough Ireland MonasteryOne of the earliest, and perhaps most important, Monastic communities can be found here in Glendalough. The history goes back to the 6th Century, when a young man named Kevin came here looking for a place where he could commune with God without the distractions of his worldly life. He chose a beautiful part of Ireland and lived first in a tree, and then later in a cave in the area. As word of his holy life and knowledge spread he began to attract a following.

Unfortunately the area also became a spot of pillaging as well, from Norsemen and others who laid waste the place on several occasions over the next 500 years or so.

Then, in the 12th Century, St. Laurence O’Toole came to the area before moving on to become the Archbishop of Dublin.

What you see today is the remains of the settlement.

Traveling to Glendalough:

Address: Glendalough, Bray, Co. Wicklow

Tel:    +353 404 45352 / 45325                Fax: +353 404 45626

email: [email protected]

Click here for the official Glendalough Visitors Centre website.

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