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Catholic Places of Interest in Dublin, Ireland


About Dublin:

As the capitol city of Ireland, Dublin offers just about everything to travelers: beautiful churches, lively and picturesque central city and some very special shrines that draw thousands of Catholics each year.

It often surprises people to discover that St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin is not a Catholic church, it is protestant in the Anglican tradition. Originally a Catholic Church, it was consecrated in 450 in celebration of Patrick’s coming to Ireland. It was later elevated to the status of Cathedral (probably around 1192 although the date is not certain) and remained so until about 1537 when it became the protestant church that it is today.  The Catholic Cathedral in Dublin is Saint Mary’s pro-Cathedral.


Among the Catholic Shrines and places of interest in Dublin are:

Shrine of Venerable Matt Talbot in Our Lady of Lourdes Church

Shrine of Saint Valentine & Icon of Our Lady of Dublin in Whitefriar Street Church

Tomb of Venerable John Sullivan in Saint Francis Xavier Church

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