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Mariapocs, Hungary:  Shrine of Our Lady of Mariapocs


The history of Our Lady of Mariapocs:

Certainly one of the most famous, if not the most famous shrines in Hungary is found here in the small town of Mariapocs.  The story begins on November 4, 1696. This was a time of great turmoil in Hungary, when the various rulers were placing great demands on the people. On that day, during Mass, the members of the congregation noticed tears streaming from both eyes of an icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Over the next few days crowds of came to the church, among them were officials of the emperor, functionaries and people belong to the other churches.

The weeping lasted for two weeks non-stop, then again later on a few occasions, one notably on December 8th. The Austrian general officer, Count Corbelli, visited the church with his followers, examined the soundness of the picture and wiped off the running tears with a cloth himself. He had other people make the examination as well, among them were Lutheran and Calvinist believers too.  During this period several cures and miracles were reported.

On August 18, 1991 the shrine received its most famous visitor, Pope John Paul II.

The icon you see today is a copy, the original is kept in Saint Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna.

There is also a shrine devoted to Our Lady of Mariapocs in the U.S.A. in Burton, Ohio.


Traveling to Mariapocs:

Mariapocs is 15 miles from Nyiregyhaza, the nearest major city.   There are trains daily from Budapest, taking about 3-4 hours.  Trains from Budapest leave very early in the morning so it can be a day trip.  Get trains schedules, fare information, and buy tickets here.

Address:  4326 Máriapócs, Kossuth tér 25. Máriapócs Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, Hungary

Tel/Fax:  + 36 (42) 385-142

email: pocskegyhely@gmail.com

There is no official website of Mariapocs Shrine.

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