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Cana, Israel: Site of The Wedding Feast at Cana

This is the site of Jesus’ first miracle, and a special place for all pilgrims to visit. To have run out of wine would have been very embarrassing to those hosting the wedding feast, and since these feasts could last as long as a week there would naturally be quite a bit of wine needed. As we all know from the Bible, Mary told the servant “do whatever he tells you” and the water was turned into wine. Not just any wine, apparently, but the very best.

There is a Franciscan Church here, called the Wedding Church, built upon the remains of earlier Crusader and Byzantine churches. Inside the church you can go down to the crypt area where you will see a grill placed over a water pot. This is merely a small reproduction, since the 6 stone jars that held the water that Jesus turned into wine held about 23 gallons each.

While visiting Cana with a group those who are married often like to have their marriages blessed by the priest traveling with the group. There is also a Greek Orthodox Church in Cana.

Wine from Cana a great souvenir or giftThere is a souvenir shop here and one of the popular items for pilgrims to purchase is a bottle or two of Cana wine. It makes a special anniversary or wedding gift for friends and you can be pretty sure that they will not have received anything like it.


Or just save it to remember your time in the Holy Land. Remember, when you leave it will have to go in your checked bags for the flight home so be sure to pack it well.

Please note that we have had several inquiries as to where someone can purchase Cana wine.  Here is a store we found that promises world-wide delivery.

We are not aware of any official website for the Church.  Here is a great visual of the Wedding Church by “The Faithful Traveler”

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