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Guadeloupe Islands


About the Guadeloupe Islands:

View of Guadeloupe Photo courtesy Air France
Photo courtesy Air France

Although many people associate Guadeloupe with just Basse Terre and Grand Terre (two islands that are nearly joined together), there are several other smaller islands that make up Guadeloupe as well.   It is an overseas department of France, and so the language spoken is French and the currency used is the Euro.  The largest city is Pointe-a-Pitre and its population is approximately 133,000.

According to their chamber of commerce, most visitors come from mainland France.

Catholic churches in Guadeloupe:

Not surprisingly, being a part of France, there are quite a few Catholic churches on the islands.  You can click on the map below to find them.

We recommend the Chapel of Our Lady of Calvary..located on Desirade.  Built in 1905, it is a winding path up to a chapel that is the last step of the Way of the Cross.  From here you also get a magnificent view of the islands and sea.

You will also find the Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Deshaies, a beautiful place to attend Mass.  Those of you who are fans of the BBC series “Death in Paradise” will possibly recognize some of the locations that are used for filming the series.  The town of Deshaies doubles as Honore, the center of the fictitious island of Saint Marie.  And in fact, the police station shown in the series, is actually the office of the local priest, who vacates it when the series is being filmed.  Next time you see it just look a bit to your left and you will see the steeple of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul.

Click here for for the official website of the Diocese of Guadeloupe.

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