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Catholic Churches in Cypress


About Cyprus:

The island of Cyprus is divided in two and shared between two uneasy countries: Greece and Turkey. Nicosia is on the Greek side of the island.

Although there is no record of it, there is speculation that Saint Francis may have stopped here. Records do indicate that there were Franciscans on the island in the year 1226, the year that he died. Subsequent to that several friaries and churches were built, but later destroyed when the Turks conquered the island in 1571.

About Holy Cross Church on Cyprus:

The capital city of Nicosia is home to Holy Cross Church, which is administered under the Franciscans by the Latin Patriarchate of the Holy Land.

In addition to Greek, Masses are offered Saturdays or Sundays in seven other languages, including: English, French, Tagalog and Polish. There is daily Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament as well.

Traveling to Cyprus:

The island is served by a major airport as well as being a port of call for many cruise ships. There are also ferries from mainland Greece.

Click here for the official website & Mass times at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Nicosia.
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