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Walldurn, Germany: Home to the Eucharistic Miracle of Walldurn

About Walldurn & the Eucharistic Miracle:

The story of Walldurn is not necessarily unique concerning Eucharistic Miracles. It seems that from time to time Our Lord manifests himself physically to us just in case we forget the significance of the Eucharist. Such was the case in 1330 while a priest, Fr. Heinrich Otto, was celebrating Mass here in Walldurn.

When Father accidentally knocked over a chalice containing the Precious Blood he was amazed to see an image of the Crucified Christ with eleven thorn-crowned heads surrounding it appear on the altar cloth. After Mass ended Fr. Heinrich again looked at the corporal and was amazed that the image was now even clearer.

But not being sure if he had committed some sort of sacriledge by spilling the Precious Blood, he decided to hide the cloth under the in a secure place under the altar.

Shortly before his death he revealed it to his confessor. The Miraculous Corporal was immediately found and was later enshrined. Word of the miracle spread quickly and soon thousands of pilgrims were traveling to the village to view the Holy Corporal. There were many reports of healings and conversions as a result of these pilgrimages.

In 1445 the Eucharistic Miracle was officially recognized by Pope Eugene IV as being authentic. A beautiful church was built here, the Church of Saint George, to house the Miraculous corporal. In 1962, Pope John XXIII elevated the church to a minor basilica, and is now known as the Minor Basilica of Saint George and the Most Precious Blood.

Although the image is somewhat faded it is still visible. Unfortunately it is not on public display except on rare occasions, but you can venerate it in its reliquary in the church.

It is the third most-popular shrine in Germany, attracting about 200,000 pilgrims each year.

There is an annual pilgrimage here called the “Pilgrimage to the Holy Blood” that starts on Trinity Sunday (the Sunday after Pentecost) and lasts for four weeks.

Traveling to Walldurn:

Walldurn is about 55 miles Southeast of Frankfurt and has frequent train service, although the trip involves changing trains twice.  The Church dominates the skyline and is easy to find.   Get train & bus schedules, see fares & buy tickets here.

Address: Burgstrsse 26, 74731 Walldürn

GPS coordinates: 49° 35′ 3.2604” N, 9° 21′ 59.9328” E

Tel: +49 6282 92030 Fax +49 (0) 6282/ 9203-17

e-mail: sekretariat@st-georg-wallduern.de

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