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Dulmen, Germany: Tomb of Anne Catherine Emmerich

About Anne Catherine Emmerich:


Anne Catherine Emmerich (Anna Katharina Emmerick in German) was born on September 8, 1774 at Flamske, Westphalia, West Germany, to a very devout small farming family. Due to not having a dowry, she had difficulty entering some religious orders but finally in 1802 she entered into the Augustinian Order.

At age 29 she joined the Convent of Agnetenberg at Dulmen, Westphalia. Even during these youthful years, Anne was extraordinarily gifted with ecstasies and visions of Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary, her guardian angel, and many of the saints.

She was blessed with many gifts, especially visions of Christ. She would go into ecstacy and be shown revelations of the entire life of both Jesus and Mary.

Other visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich include those of Heaven, Hell, Purgatory along with intimate details in the lives of many Saints

In addition to all of this, she also received many prophecies about future events, some of which have already come true.

Her vision of the Holy House of Ephesus:

Another amazing point in here life relates to how the House of the Blessed Virgin Mary (House of the Dormition) was found due to Anne Catherine’s descriptions of the location taken from her visions.  It was widely assumed that the Blessed Virgin Mary lived in what is now Ephesus, Turkey towards the end of her life.  But finding the location had proven difficult.  Blessed Emmerich had a vision describing where the house could be found.  In 1891, led a group of Lazzarist priests from the city of Izmir, Turkey to set out to try to find the place Blessed Emmerich described in Ephesus (although one of the priests was actually determined to prove her wrong).  The priest spent several days looking around Ephesus, but found nothing.  Then they asked some local women for water…….and were directed up a hill to what they called “the monastery”.

When reaching the spot they found a spring next to the ruins of a little chapel that was almost exactly as Blessed Emmerich had described.  Today the Holy House is a shrine popular for both Christians and Muslims, and Ephesus is a popular stop on many cruises and land tours.  Your can read more about Ephesus & the Holy House here.

Anne Catherine Emmerich on February 9, 1824. It was only during the last five years of her life that she began to write down the history of her visions which have you can read in the book above. She was Beatified on October 3, 2004 by Pope John Paul II.  Her Feast Day is celebrated February 9.


Finding the tomb of Anne Catherine Emmerich:

Tomb of Anne Catherine Emmerich
Tomb of Anne Catherine Emmerich

Her tomb is located in the Holy Cross Church in Dülmen, Germany.   Visits and guided tours of the memorial site are also available after registration at the Heilig Kreuz parish office.The church is open for visitors most days as is the tomb.

Address:  Kreuzkirche 10, 48249, Dülmen

Tel: (+49) 02594 – 2126     Fax:  (+49) 02594 – 7169

email:   [email protected]

Click here for the official website of Holy Cross Church in Dulmen.

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