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Bamberg Cathedral: Tomb of Saint Henry II

Bamberg Cathedral:

Houses the tomb of King Saint Henry II.  Born on May 6, 973, in Abbach, Bavaria, Germany, in what was then the Holy Roman Empire.  In 995, he succeeded his father as Duke of Bavaria and became known as Henry IV.  Henry was crowned as King of Germany on July 9, 1002, and later as King of Italy in 1004. He played a vital role in expanding the Holy Roman Empire’s influence and defending it against various adversaries.

St. Henry II’s leadership extended beyond spiritual matters. He faced numerous challenges, including military conflicts with the Polish Duke Bolesław I and the Lombards in Italy. Through his strategic acumen and reliance on divine intervention, he emerged victorious, uniting regions under the Holy Roman Empire’s dominion.

His diplomatic skills were also evident in his interactions with other monarchs. During a meeting with King Robert of France, St. Henry crossed the Meuse River, disregarding the protocol, as a gesture of admiration for the virtues of the French king. As a saint and an emperor, he left an indelible mark on the Church and society. His devotion, military prowess, diplomatic acumen, and commitment to the Catholic faith inspire us to this day.

He is the Patron Saint of Benedictine Oblates.

He died without an heir in 1024.



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