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Bamberg, Germany

About Bamberg, Germany:

Located in Bavaria, Bamberg is an example of the early medieval town in central Europe. Bamberg lost its independence in 1802 after the secularization of church lands and became part of Bavaria in 1803.

Bamberg is one of the few major historical cities in Germany that survived World War II intact and is a picturesque city, the historical center of which (the old town of Bamberg) is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Bamberg is home to Europe’s largest intact old city wall. With its well-preserved buildings, winding lanes and mediaeval churches it is a great place to visit.There are hills with panoramic views, and each of which has its own dominant – the church; the island part with winding narrow streets with buildings in the Baroque, medieval, romantic style, and houses along the river, called “Little Venice”; as well as museums, cathedrals, churches, monasteries, castles and former palaces. And breweries, which have already become an integral symbol of Bamberg, add variety to a leisurely holiday in this beautiful Franconian city, in which the spirit of the Middle Ages still hovers, now mixed with the modern way of life.

Although the Bamberg Cathedral is prominent among the buildings here, there are several other places of interest as well.

Bamberg Cathedral: Tomb of Saint King Henry II

Alte Hofhaltung:   Gothic and Renaissance style cathedral, housing gardens and a number of historic artifacts.

Kaiserdom: 13th-century Gothic and Romanesque structure, which illustrates examples of medieval religious art including the Bamberger Reiter, a sculpture of an unknown horse and rider.

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