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Querrien, La Prénessaye France: Apparition of Our Lady of Eternal Aid

The Story of Our Lady of Eternal Aid in Querrien, La Prenessaye, France:

The event takes place on August 15, 1652.  A 12-year old girl, Jeanne Courtel, was tending her father’s flock of sheep.  Suddenly she saw this beautiful lady who spoke to her.  She was amazed to hear her….because she had been both deaf and dumb from birth.  She was immediately cured and could both hear and speak!

A few days later, Jeanne saw the beautiful lady again who asked to have the ground dug up near the source of the spring, where the Statue of the Virgin was buried. The wooden Statuette was found at the place indicated,, confirming for the people, the authenticity of the Apparition.

Our Lady appeared to Jeanne a total of 15 times, until September of the same year. From that time on, pilgrims arrived and numerous miracles were recorded.

Shortly after this miracle became known, there was a second one just as remarkable. There was a community benefactor whose son was at death’s door with a high fever. Invoking Our Lady before this same Statue the man saw his son instantly cured. After this second wondrous miracle, the Statue was moved into the Chapel and there were many miracles that followed. One miracle was worked in favor of a religious Sister who had been terribly burned and was she was instantly cured. A Priest, falsely accused of a crime, was acquitted after special prayers to the “miracle lady.” The statue had had no name before this but the Parishioners decided now to call her Our Lady of All Help, Quick Help, or Our Lady of Good Remedy.

The local Bishop, Denis de La Barde, launched an investigation and went there to verify the child’s declarations. Satisfied with his hearings, he had a chapel erected in 1652 to organise the devotion of the faithful. After having carried out a canonical investigation, the Bishop of Saint-Brieuc issued a positive opinion on the Apparition and decided to have a Chapel built and to organise worship there. The following 29 September, the Bishop returned to bless the first stone of the Chapel.

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Eternal Help in Querrien, France:

On 14 August 1950, a great celebration was held in the Sanctuary. This celebration was attended by 20,000 pilgrims, several Bishops, the Abbots of Brittany and 200 Priests from Saint-Brieuc, Rennes and Vannes , for the crowning of the Statue of Notre-Dame de Tout-Aide . It was Archbishop Clément Roque of Rennes who placed the crown designed by Émile Daubé and made by goldsmith René Desury on the head of the Statue. This coronation was authorized by Pope Pius XII.

The Statue itself is only about 60 centimetres tall. The Blessed Virgin Mary is crowned, and holds her Infant Son in one arm, and a sceptre in the other. At the time of the French Revolution and during the accompanying Reign of Terror, the Abbey was destroyed. A pious lady took the Statue of Our Lady of All Help and safeguarded it until the trouble was over. After her death the Statue was restored to the community. The Statue of Our Lady of All Help has survived several wars since.

In 1998, a series of renovations began which would continue for several years. Today pilgrimages continue all year with often as many as 10 000 attending the major celebrations. The current Church incorporates the the remains of the small Chapel (which can be seen on the north side of the building).

The Sanctuary has 5 studios to accommodate pilgrims who would like to come and pray there for a few days. Each studio has a bathroom with toilet facilities. Each studio is also equipped with a kitchen. The Sanctuary does not provide catering. The price for a day is 25€ for a single person, and 35€ for a couple.

If you want a sheltered place to picnic, they can provide you with a covered courtyard and the Pilgrim’s Foyer.

The Sanctuary chapel is open every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Times of masses vary, so best to call +33 02 96 25 94 44 or +33 07 56 17 09 01

The Shrine features an excellent boutique, with books, statues, rosaries, crucifixes, icons and more.

Visiting the Shrine of our Lady of All Help in Querrien, La Prénessaye, France:

Querrien is located in Brittany, about 50 miles west of Rennes.  If you are traveling from Paris, you can take a train to Rennes, which is the nearest major train station.  We suggest you rent a car in Rennes and drive to Querrien then explore this part of France a bit if you have time….the Normandy coast is nearby with Mont St. Michel and the D-Day beaches.

Address:  Querrien, 22210 La Prénessaye, France

Tel: +33 2 96 25 94 44

Click here for the official website of the Shrine of Our Lady of Eternal Help in Querrien, France (in French, with English option).

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